Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Truly Elevating

Natalie Wiebe, Writer

Rihanna made an exciting reappearance during her halftime show at the Chiefs v. Eagles Super Bowl after recently focusing on her personal work and life. Every year is a new surprise with a show from a famous artist, but Rihanna outdid herself with this performance. Her aura throughout the ten minute show was exerting powerful energy that screamed exactly what America wanted it to: ‘Queen Riri.’

Her firetruck-red attire made for the perfect statement piece that contrasted with the dancers surrounding her dressed in a futuristic, monochrome style that consisted of white puffer coats, baggy pants, and sunglasses. The synchronization of the dancers stayed consistent while they showcased their impressive levels of athleticism through quick movements and a fraction of the dancers being on elevated platforms. Not to mention the sassy, confident attitude from them all – it was obvious that the dancers weren’t just following the music, but having fun with it. And it just got better when Rihanna joined in with them while singing and giving the crowd a pleasant surprise – she is pregnant with her second child. This made the performance even more amazing; seeing the way Rihanna held so much power over the army of dancers working with her, and the 68 some thousand in the crowd.

The lineup of songs she performed consisted of Rihanna’s iconic classics, starting with “B***h Better Have My Money,” where she opened with a powerful amount of attitude that gave the audience the message that she hasn’t changed since she released the song back in 2015.The transitions into each song were perfectly on beat with the song prior, and got the crowd hyped every time. Rihanna and her dancers didn’t miss a single beat whilst singing and performing with all of their energy. During the course of the songs, the five elevating stages moved up and down while the two dancers on each one, and Rihanna, gave it their all.

The dancers thinned out in numbers towards the end, until it came to the finale and only Rihanna remained. She began singing “Diamonds” which is one of her most well-known songs that portrays a beautiful message. Rihanna stood in the center of the stage in utter darkness, other than a single spotlight on her as she began singing. The stadium lit up with flashlights that resembled the “diamonds in the sky” she was singing about. Her stage began to elevate and raise into the sky, higher than it went at any point prior in the performance. She pulled back the sides of her jumpsuit to fully reveal her pregnancy, and held her stomach while singing heartfelt lyrics.

Anyone could look at Rihanna’s performance and recognize her high levels of talent, but it hits even harder for those who have followed her throughout the many years of fame. She represented herself in a different way than she used to, a newer way that demonstrates her growth in life. Between her pregnancy and lack of recently released music, she appears now to be motherly and filled with love for her life and family, which shows new levels of inner peace and maturity. Rihanna is truly a Queen and took the halftime show as an opportunity to pop out once more.