Get Ready For Spring Break!


Natalie Wiebe, Staff Writer

Although it feels like mid-winter break just ended, the West Seattle students are already anticipating their next week off. As the Seattle weather starts to shift into spring, more opportunities open to spend time outside and in the nature of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a turning point in the school year as well, where the underclassmen begin to realize they’ll be in the grade above them currently in just over two months, while the seniors are focusing on their futures after highschool and determining the next steps in their lives.

Senior Calvin Barash reflects on his plans for break and states, “I’m going to San Diego for spring break, and I plan to attend an admitted tour since I just committed to SDSU. Then I’m gonna golf around San Diego, playing multiple courses, but I’m most excited to play Torrey Pines.” 

Many other seniors have similar plans to Calvin, that involve visiting their college’s city to get to know the area and enjoy it while on break in April. While this is the case, many other students are taking advantage of the better weather in Washington, which starts to really feel like spring around the time the break begins. 

Another senior at West Seattle, Anna Rusen, tells us, “I went to Los Angeles for mid-winter break, so my family and I decided to stay home for the next one. The beginning of April is around the end of the ski season, so we’re going to try and go to Snoqualmie Pass as much as possible, even if the snow isn’t the best.” 

For many skiers and snowboarders in Seattle, it’s the same. We’ve faced a lot of rain here in the city, which means it’s been snowing on the mountains all season. Because of this, the snow remains in good quality for the activities that require it, and the student population hopes that it will stay that way for their week off.

It’s an exciting time here at West Seattle High School, and you can feel the energy change in the hallways when the sun peeks through the clouds outside and shines through the windows and into the building. The birds are chirping in the trees just outside the classroom and the excited buzz of students grows louder, as spring break approaches. Along with that, it’s the last checkpoint of the school year before summer, and then onto the next year!