Sightless: A Movie You Won’t See Coming


Oakley Mcvey, Staff Writer

The movie that I will be talking about is called Sightless. It is a drama/psychological thriller directed by Cooper Karl and you can find it on Netflix. Sightless follows a young woman who was a child prodigy violinist as a child. One night, while out, she is attacked; this attack renders her blind. To recover and adjust to her new life, she hides away in her apartment gifted to her by her brother. The only person she ever sees is her nurse and caretaker – Clayton. Over time, she starts to hear things. Weird things, like screams from next door, alarms from outside, and more. Even as these oddities continue, she stays in her apartment and becomes paranoid of everything. She brings it up to people, but no one believes her. She brushes it off with excuses like her meds, having had a drink, or the fact that she is just hearing things in general. As it continues to happen, her paranoia only gets worse. She tries to believe friends and family when they say that nothing is wrong, but it all sounds so real.  

This is a unique movie. The director did a respectable job of making a unique and psychologically scary movie. One thing I found cool and unique is that, because she is blind, you see the movie and people as what she thinks is there. Sometimes the people that you are seeing are not there, or sometimes it is an entirely different person. However, you do not discover this until she realizes it is not what she thought. This movie was also very suspenseful. Throughout the entirety of it you are wondering what is going to happen, what each noise is, if the things you are seeing are real or something else, and more. The twist at the end makes it even better; a good twist in a movie can really throw you off and create an even more suspenseful situation. The only thing I did not like about this movie was the slow start. It starts off slowly by giving you background information and introducing you to the characters. The issue is that it takes forever, and when the movie finally picks up, it is sudden and abrupt. Also, the ending felt very rushed. It was short and quick and almost disappointing in comparison to how good the movie was. I would rate this a 6.5/10.