Perfecting the Craft of Baking with Ms. Klein


Natalie Wiebe, Writer

I had the pleasure of being a part of Ms. Klein’s baking class last semester, and it was one of the most impressive courses I have taken at West Seattle High School. Although baking seems simple compared to other electives, I was pleasantly surprised by how much overall sustenance Ms. Klein had in her curriculum. As my time in her class progressed, I began to appreciate the structure she had created to instruct students about all parts of baking – being safe and sanitary, knowing terms and baking vocabulary, being familiar with certain processes and tools, and most of all, enjoying ourselves while doing so; even though we were in the classroom. I found myself looking forward to my fifth period class with her every day. Ms. Klein is a well-rounded, bubbly teacher who is relaxed but knows when it is necessary to discipline students. Especially in a classroom with potential physical hazards – like knives and hot stove tops – Ms. Klein is very adamant about prioritizing safety for everyone in the kitchen. Ms. Klein gave us noticeably clear instructions prior to baking, which made me confident in my own abilities, as well as (most) of my classmates. She also incorporates fun activities into the learning aspects of baking class, which can sometimes be slow but are always fun if made into a game. I loved having Ms. Klein as a teacher and am very appreciative of her position at West Seattle High School. I always make sure to recommend her class to any students who have not yet had her as a teacher.