Remembering Majora’s Mask: The Best Zelda Game of All Time?

Remembering Majoras Mask: The Best Zelda Game of All Time?

Adam Triol

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask…the best videogame of all time? When you think of an amazing game, what do you think of? The story? The side quests? The world building? The characters? Majora’s Mask excels in all those categories and more. In this essay I will explain to you why Majora’s Mask is the best game of all time. 

Majora’s Mask was the highly-anticipated sequel in one of the world’s most popular game franchises, but it didn’t disappoint. The game starts out with link riding Epona through the lost woods, when suddenly he’s jumped by a skull kid wearing a strange mask, who proceeds to steal Link’s ocarina and his horse Epona. Link follows the skull kid until he falls down a pit. This pit takes him to the mysterious new world known as Termina. Here, in the game, Link has 3 days to get his ocarina back and save the Deku, Goron, Zora, and Ikana from the falling moon.

You follow the main character, Link, as he traverses through land we have never seen before. He must cure the poison lake in Woodfall, save the Gorons from their never-ending winter and help the Zora recover their stolen children.

“Skull Kid” in Majora’s Mask

You meet many characters along the way like the Deku king, who desperately wants his daughter back, you meet the old Goron leader who dies leaving his newborn son alone, and you meet Lulu – a Zora who has lost her voice from crying after her children were taken from her.

While helping these people, you are serenaded with one of the best soundtracks in videogame history. As you make your way to the Deku king’s castle your met with the Deku palace theme. As you play through your side quests trying to acquire the moons tear you’re overcome with a calm but melancholy sensation as you listen to the Astral Observatory theme. As you sit waiting to battle the final boss you’re overcome with dread as you see the moon falling and hear the final moments of the clock town theme. The music plays a huge part in elevating one’s experience as you’re playing the game. It almost feels as if you aren’t controlling the character but you’re in the game itself.

Link and the HUD in Majora’s Mask

The controls and graphics are a big thing I want to talk about. This game came out for the N64 and was only in development from 1999-2000. Surprisingly, the graphics are stunning. The look is semi polygonal but that’s because its an old console format. If you want crisper graphics, I recommend playing the remake for the Nintendo 3DS. If that doesn’t bother you, play it on the N64. The controls are very simple as it’s just a base Zelda game. You have A to attack, B to special attack, the stick to move and the menu button to pause and access the menu. 

I find everything about this game enthralling. As you’re playing your not just thinking about progressing through the story. You’re thinking about saving everyone you’ve met along the way. Anju and her husband Kafie, the bomb shop owner, the mayor all people who you interact with many times through this game. I’ve never been more immersed in a videogame than this one. I don’t say this lightly and rarely ever give this rank, but the legend of Zelda Majora’s mask is a 10/10 videogame.