Ms. Sloan, a WSHS Art Teacher

Lily Miller, Writer

A busy classroom, art supplies everywhere you look, student art up on the walls, and students hard at work.                                                                                                               

In Sloan’s beginning class, they have been focusing on skill-building and will eventually work on a self-portrait “All the skills that they worked on so far they will use on doing a self-portrait or a portrait of someone they care about”, said Sloan.  

Her class does not only work with pencil but will branch out to start with paints and color theory “We’re going to work with watercolor and acrylics as we get into color theory.” 

These skills will pass over into their group work, “When we get into paint, they are going to do that collaborative piece…I’m leaning towards Amanda Gorman for the portrait this year.” 

Sloan is a big admirer of Amanda Gorman and speaks highly of her work. “She’s just blown me away, such an incredible young individual.”  

Students will also be doing more individual work with paint “They will probably emulate an artist’s work where they chose an artist whose style that they appreciate, and they will work in that style of the artist” 

When it comes to the advanced class, they are all set with the skills they will need, “When students come into advanced, they have already done skill-building in beginning.” 

 From there, students move into much bigger assignments. “My advanced curriculum is exploring media types so I introduce them to as many media types as I can fit… working with oil pastels doing block printing where we are carving and doing printing with ink were just trying to explore different media types. We’ve worked with cardboard, charcoal, all types of paint so watercolor and acrylics.”  

 Sloan also hopes to expand upon big projects and do a mural with her class “If things go well, I would like to do a mural with my advanced students.” 

Sloan has lots of ambition and creative ideas “I have these big ideas and sometimes I can’t fit it all”.  

Sloan is also taking time to work with students on their mental health, “We have a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety we are dealing with so I’m trying to take breaks in the curriculum to do a little bit of art therapy…Occasionally we’ll do something that just helps them feel better”. 

 One of these projects was a gift for other students in the school “I assigned them another student from another class, and they created a very tiny piece of artwork for that student, and they wrote positive, supportive quotes, a message to that other student.”