Saturday Tutor Help Announcement


Dima Pankov, Reporter/Writer


Does school sometimes feel overwhelming? Do you have any missing assignments or projects that you just keep procrastinating or just don’t know how to do? To many wildcats, the answer to these questions is yes. But there is still time to save your grade because this Saturday, January 22nd, West Seattle High School is open to all students to finish the semester strong with tutor’s support.  

 This Saturday you can come into school with questions to ask or work to do and receive help from tutors to finally turn that one assignment in or get that retake done. Where in school is this going to happen you may ask? The event will take place in the high school library. Tutors will include Mr. Cordero, Ms. Simkins, Ms. Whiton, and Mr. Tower.  

Students will have the opportunity to take advantage of academic support and get missing assignments completed,” says instructional assistant Amy Doll, “If students need to retake a quiz or test them must contact their Teacher prior to Saturday School.”  

Students will only receive support in the main subjects like math, science, history, and language arts. “I would expect more support in math just because that is a subject parents sometimes can’t help with at home, but we also expect many kids to come in with finals paper and writing to do,” says Mr. Tower.  

As if being able to get all your missing work done is not enough, breakfast will also be served. If you have any missing work waiting to be done, this event is certainly for you, so make sure to come in anytime from 9 AM to 12 PM, we hope to see you there Wildcats!