Get to Know Your WSHS Security Guard and Cheer Coach

Chloe Clark and Theresa Williams

Ms. Nadine has been working at West Seattle High School for seven years! “I love the students. I love the teachers I get to work with. But mainly it’s working with students,” Nadine tells us.  

Before arriving at West Seattle High School, Nadine had many jobs. Many of which have prepared her for working with the kids at WSHS. “I’ve managed a group home with at-risk youth. So, I’ve worked with foster kids, I’ve worked as an IA. Just in general working with youth,” Ms. Nadine says.  

While Nadine has worked different jobs in different places, she really enjoys working here at West Seattle High School. “Each of the workplaces I’ve worked in has had their positives, but West Seattle is by far my favorite, and again it comes back to the students,” she tells us.  

Nadine adores working with students directly. She gets to engage with them at a different capacity, as opposed to the student-to-teacher relationship. She knows them on a different and more personal level. “I like getting to work with a diverse group of students. All 1200 of them,” Nadine says. 

As the West Seattle High School security guard, Nadine has a different role than most of the other teachers and staff. She spends her day making sure kids are safe and supervised while at school. “I come in early, like seven. I check my emails. Then we’re going out supervising,” she says. “I greet the students when they come in. I lock up all the doors. And really, it’s just supervision. Whatever comes, it changes day to day. I never have one day that’s the same.” 

Ms. Nadine is a very friendly and approachable security guard, which allows many students to come to her when in need; for a variety of things. “Students come to me, somethings lost or stolen, if there’s a bullying issue or a problem with another [student]. Or sometimes I have students just come to me for advice,” she tells us. 

Nadine is passionate about working with youth and is here for the students at West Seattle High School. “It’s not always a security issue. Students can come to me for anything. My doors always open,” Ms. Nadine says.  

Not only is Nadine part of the school’s security team, but she is also a West Seattle High School cheer coach! She has enjoyed working with the cheer team and is very excited for this season. “I love cheer. We’re about to go to state! I love the opportunities and the students I get to meet, things I get to do being the cheer coach here at West Seattle High School. It definitely opened up a whole bunch of more doors of getting to know students,” Nadine says. 

Junior Ami Doukourai is the cheer spirit captain at West Seattle High School. Since joining cheer in ninth grade, she has had a great time getting to know Nadine in school and in cheer.  

Ami admires Nadine as her cheer coach and as a staff member at school. “Something that I enjoy about Nadine is she’s always super positive and super sweet,” Ami tells us. Ami appreciates Nadine’s alacrity. During cheer practice, games, and competitions, she always brings up the mood. 

Nadine’s positivity is helpful when coaching cheer and during the school day. “She helps point people in the right direction and towards success,” Ami says.  

Ms. Nadine’s kindness helps her handle all different students and situations. Ami sees that Nadine really cares about the kids at WSHS. “It does help to have a good relationship with a staff member at school because knowing you have a place to go when you feel down and knowing that she is always going to be there is nice,” Ami says. 

Ms. Nadine is very involved at West Seattle High School. From security guard to cheer coach, she is approachable, friendly, and available to all the students.