The House: Too weird to watch?

The House: Too weird to watch?

Tabby Norsen

The special on Netflix called “The House” is an absurdly weird animation series that is for people who love strange and unusual. This film mastered the idea that a film can be so many things at once.  

“The House” is divided into three distinct parts and is labeled on Netflix as a ’miniseries,’ although they are all put together to make what I consider a film. The first part takes place in the 1800s, showing a family moving into their new home, which may not be as it seems. The second is in the modern day, with a contractor trying to sell his life’s work to an odd couple who are some unusual buyers. And the third and final part is in the future, with the apartment owner trying to fix up the house in a world where everything is flooded.  

Although the animation is not much compared to movies like, “Coraline,” both films do an excellent job of making it creepy and interesting to watch. It evokes the same feelings as the film, “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” because it really makes the viewer think about what every scene means, what the detail is for and what does it all represent when put together. It is confusingly beautiful, with a creepiness that rises throughout the film like smoke and stories that can draw the viewer in. With each part being 30 minutes, you can divide each part into its own chunk and watch them all separately. It is great if you need a film to watch, or just a 30 minute ‘episode’.  

The Swedish director and animator of this film, Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, is very well known for her animation and directing style. She makes shorts like this series with the same style, like “The Burden,” one of her award-winning shorts shown in film festivals around the world like Sundance.  

There are a lot of distinct types of actors in this film. For example, the voice actor of Jen (main character in the third part) is Helena Bonham Carter, known for movies such as Alice in wonderland and the Harry Potter series. She does an excellent job of trying to really represent the character and who they are, so much so that at the ending I really connected with her. 

Other actors in “The House” are people such as Mia Goth who has been seen in such things as “Emma,” Jarvis Cocker, the singer in Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mark Heap who was in “Charlie and the chocolate factory” and many more. One voice that really stuck out to me was Sven Wollter’s who voiced the man in odd couple in the third part. He is not a very well-known actor, but he fits the part so well because of his unique voice. It is gravely, adding a lot to the character and the overall feeling of the film.  

With fantastic animation and almost absurd story lines, this is a film for those who love the otherworldly, like me. It includes many genres like suspense and light horror, and themes such as hopeful and even musical. “The House” has eerie animation, skilled voice actors and spooky stories makes it a unique and interesting watch.