How to Prepare for the Mandatory SBA Assesment in Spring


Dima Pankov

Spring is right around the corner and most wildcats know that this means it’s time for spring sports, classes, and activities but what some might not know, is the SBA assessment students must take starting March 7th.  

The SBA assessment is a language arts and math test given by the state that students are required to take. “It is for the whole 10th grade and any seniors that are using it as a grad pad,” says testing coordinator Amy Doll.  

The window for the assessment is March 7th to June 3rd. According to Amy Doll, “We are going to do the ELA part of the assessment out of your language arts class,” and, “The math part will have to be done in social studies classes because all of our math is integrated, and students have different levels.”  

Amy Doll also addresses why this is important by saying, “The assessment will remain on student’s transcript.” And it can also impact those who plan on doing running start, “If students want to do running start, students need to score a 3 or better to test into college level classes.” The city of Seattle has a successful program called the “Seattle Promise” which provides financial support for students in college. Yet, “Something students don’t know is the Seattle promise only pays for things that can go on a college transcript and so if students don’t test into a college level class and have to take any math under 101, they have to pay for that class,” so if students do well on this test, “The assessment will tell colleges you can do high-level math.” 

Many students may wonder if this is something they should study and prepare for. The SBA assessment is not graded; however, “It is a graduation requirement and students need to reach a benchmark so that they don’t have to take it again and will have met their first graduation requirement.”  

The assessment is mandatory for all sophomores because it is issued by the state and is a way for them to evaluate the students’ progress. According to Amy Doll, “It is how our school is ranked and it is how we became a highly capable school is that 97% of our sophomores passed this test.” 

There is no need to stress about the assessment as it will not harm students’ grade, but wildcats should also remember that it has many benefits that may pay off in the future.