Best Lunch Spots


AJ Purdie

Are you looking for a new spot to buy lunch from? If so, keep reading to hear about where fellow West Seattle students like to eat lunch.  

Freshies: A locally owned shop to the right of West Seattle High school with very nice staff is the first place we are going to be looking at. Pros are that it has very affordable prices, is a very short walk from West Seattle, and it’s rarely crowded. Some cons are that there is a long wait time, and they often mix up orders. The best items are grilled cheeses and sandwiches, and they have a wide variety of drinks. Overall: Good but slow.  

Gyro Heroes: For such a long walk, is it worth it? Some pros of going to Gyro Heroes are that the staff are very nice, it has a great environment, is quiet, and you can eat there without having to buy anything. The best items are fries, lamb gyro, and salad. Some cons are that it’s hard to get back to school on time, and the seats are close together. Some items students don’t recommend are beverages and sweets. Overall: Would eat there regularly. 

Next is Oh’s Sandwiches. Pros are they have cute keychains and it’s close to the school. The cons are that there are a couple of stoplights on the way there so it might take longer, it takes a while to make the food, and the inside is very small, you must wait outside while waiting for your food. The best items are milk tear, pork bahn mi, and manga smoothies. However, students would not recommend other fruit drinks, especially strawberry boba. Overall, a good place to get boba if you can’t drive but very mid.  

Finally, Safeway. Some pros are that it has basically everything you could want, it’s cheaper than PCC, and is a very short walk. Cons are that the lines at the Starbucks inside are very long, and I’ve personally had to go back to school empty-handed because of time. The front doors are also closed so you must walk around the back. The best items for lunch are sushi and deli. Overall: 8/10. Pretty solid.