Behind the Scenes of ASB


Left to Right: Malia, Cosmo, Elise, Elliott

Evan Hilgenberg

Running West Seattle High requires many different cogs to keep things smooth. Teachers, custodians, counselors, administrators, and more work tirelessly to give the students a fulfilling, safe, and fun education. The thing is, all these roles are done by adults and not every one of them understands the wants, needs, and problems of the student body. That is where ASB steps in. 

ASB, which stands for Associated Student Body, is a vital bridge between students and adults, something especially important with student run groups.  

“It’s a lot of clubs bringing their concerns to ASB and then ASB helping them out, taking their concerns to admin or counselors, taking the process to the next step,” said Cosmo, a Senior at WSHS. Such concerns were seen by most Westside students with Earth Club’s and ASB’s combined effort to install additional water bottle fillers to reduce plastic bottle waste in the school. 

This collaboration between clubs and ASB can sometimes go both ways as also seen with the water bottle issue. “Sometimes, clubs help us to promote events or do some form of school wide activity. We’ll also partner with a club that relates to what the event is about,” said Sophomore Elise. 

ASB makes most decisions as a whole group. “We all get in the class and then Ms. Ferda (the ASB advisor) can pitch something. For example, this club wants to have a fundraiser, this club wants to go on a field trip, what do you guys think of this? So, then we all vote on it,” said Cosmo. “…And no one votes no unless it’s really stupid,” Junior Elliot adds. 

In some cases, not all of the class is involved. “Sometimes when we’re planning events, we plan with all of ASB, and sometimes we’ll plan just within our grade levels,” said freshmen Malia. One such case was last year’s Freshman 5k which was planned in part by Elise and other ASB freshmen. 

Besides club interaction, one of ASB’s most important roles is planning events such as assemblies, field trips, and school dances; all things that have been impaired by current pandemic restrictions. “Ok here’s an event, we want to do this event, how can we do this event, what do we need, can we do this event? Covid makes it way harder,” said Cosmo. “This entire year we’ve been trying to do things, but we’ve been stonewalled by admin and the school district. But we are still doing the best we can.” 

Many of admin’s and the school district’s restrictions are primarily based on statewide or higher policies surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. These restrictions are hard to work with and slow to remove but ASB has pushed on despite the obstacles. Spirit weeks, posters, and most of the school’s decorations have been put in place by ASB. Additionally, fun events such as the Winter Wishes, the Senior Assembly, and the Freshman 5K could still be done. 

For a student wanting to have a stronger voice in the school, ASB is the perfect outlet. Whether contacting a ASB representative, or running for ASB, there are a multitude of ways for students to participate and make a change. 

ASB can be found in Room 131 and @wshsasb on Instagram.