Summer Program

Although we are still surrounded by the chill of winter, it is not too early to start thinking about summer enrichment programs. Keep reading to find out which one is fit for you!

For students driven to challenge themselves and prepare for their futures, Cambridge Scholars Center is the program for you. In this university preparation course, you can pick your courses, and go on various field trips as well. You could go to oxford, Buckenham Palace, Notre Dame, and other awesome places as a side by side for this weeklong course. During the afternoon there are SAT prep courses, Mock criminal trials, ect. Evening activities include things such as ballroom dancing, sports tournaments, silent disco raves, film, and casino game nights. There are also opportunities to do practice interviews for Cambridge. This course is more expensive and is in England. The total tuition fees are $2995 (not including travel fees), and the application process requires your grades. They are constantly accepting so if you’re interested try applying as soon as possible.

Looking for ways to help the environment over the summer and gain experience? Then urban sustainability program through Seattle U is in your best interest. From July 31st to August 5th with April 15th as the deadline for admissions. It costs $1,195 plus a $50 non-refundable deposit. There are scholarships available when filling out the application. Some more information on the activities that you will be involved in are diving deep into ecosystems, researching more about sustainability, looking under the urban umbrella in terms of environments and wildlife, and more!


A photo taken during the Cambridge Scholars Program.

Recommended by Ms. Klein, this ID tech camp could be a great fit for students considering pursuing a STEM major. This is hosted at UW and is a one weeklong camp with tech instructors to help build your skill set. There are different sessions you can attend, such as an overnight and a day camp. The costs can vary from $500-1,499. Many of the instructors have been recruited from elite universities such as Stanford, Caltech, and NYU. There are various courses available like Coding, Game development, robotics, and math. There is no application process, you just pick your course, and sign up.

Are you in need of CTE credit? If so, then Summer Skills Center is the place for you! It runs from July 6th to July 30th Mondays through Fridays at various high schools in Seattle Schools. In only a month you earn 0.5 CTE credit. Which is half of the CTE graduation requirement! It offers a range of courses, some are: Intro to Culinary Arts, Intro to multimedia broadcasting, and even Intro to virtual reality! As someone who’s taken Intro to graphic Design, I can tell you it was a great course worth taking. The workload felt very manageable, and I learned skills that I still use

today. It is catered more towards upperclassmen so if you’re an 11th or 12th grader that needs the credits, I highly recommend taking this opportunity.

KUOW is a great summer program if you’re interested in radio journalism but don’t have much time available. It runs for one week July 11th to the 15th two of those days being in person at KUOW in the U district. You’ll get the opportunity to produce a radio story with the support of a mentor. Ages 15-18 are qualified and everyone who completes this program will receive $250. Apply now! Applications are due by April 12th. Head of Radioactive has given us some input on what drives students to apply: If you already love journalism and storytelling then it’ll be a fit. Or if you just want to try something new and fun. They provide students with the necessary technology and equipment as well!

Perfect for getting a head start at a somewhat local college, Northwestern University’s summer programs could be the right fit for you. They offer a range of college courses, both online and in person. The in-person option is a two-week college seminar that will ease you into college life as well as get you college credit! The in-person option is for ages 15-18 and you must have completed at least your sophomore year of high school. The online version however is open to 14–18-year old’s with the minimum grade requirement being completion of your freshman year. The online course offers many courses relating to social politics and biology. Both require a 500 word minimum essay about an academic achievement and extra curriculars as well as a $60 fee. Submit your applications now!

Sometimes the time commitment of in person courses is too much. ACLU National Advocacy Institute offers a virtual program for those interested in law and social advocacy. Working with lawyers, lobbyists, community activists, and other experts, this weeklong class immerses you in social justice. To enter your application for this program, you must submit a letter of recommendation as well as an online application, which we will link below. For top priority in your application, the deadline is March 20th and April 24th. The Regular Decision deadline is May 15th.

Another online program, hosted by Georgetown University, offers many different courses as well. Open for ages 13-18 and has a fee of $1495. This will include 20-30 hours of total instruction and course work. Your application will require your basic contact information and a small explanation of your backstory and why you are interested in participating in the program. This can be in any media such as video, writing, or photos. You will be taking true Georgetown classes that are designed for high school students.