AP Gov and AP Lit Kickball Showoff

Audrey Sasser



The kickball games started at 11am sharp on May 24th with the sun high and bright. Players belonging to AP Government and AP Literature classes lined up on each side, ready to conquer the intense game of kickball. 


The games quickly started, AP Government almost immediately gaining a head start, the adrenaline of such a quick game building in the atmosphere. The band played in the background, setting an ambiance of danger. The players on both sides realized: it was a high stakes game with each side’s honor on the line. 


With soccer players Charlie Dyer and Ari Bacchy on the Gov team, winning seemed easy. Shortly after the start of the game, their teacher – Ms. Phelps – lined up to kick but was out quickly.  


While many people were barefoot, it was apparent that the usually studious AP students had no clue what they were doing when it came to sports.

The tradition of kickball was introduced by Ms Phelps. “When I was in highschool, after the AP tests, the AP classes would play each other. Usually in our social studies classes,” Ms. Phelps says. This year was the first since Covid began, making everyone more excited to return to the pre-Covid tradition.

“Oh man, I really love kickball. It’s been a lifelong passion of mine. Taking another victory will just be proof that me and kickball are meant to be,” said Erika Justus, a student of the winning AP Gov team. 


Gov maintained a lead of five points to the Lit team, with no sign of letting up. You can tell the tensions are high over in the AP Lit side, with Brenna Reesman continuing to hold her ground as the pitcher. 

Cosmo Davis ran in a quarter into the game, aiding the seemingly helpless Lit team. With the new player on their side, they went to infield with new hopes. However, the Gov team did not let back and continued to block any of their players from scoring.

This cycle continued until the game ended with a score of 12-5; the AP Lit team lost by a large margin. “Although we lost, I like to think this is a part of our path as a team. It just means we have more room for a comeback”, said Annabelle Davidson, a member of the Lit team.

This kickball game was the first of many and represented to students and staff alike a return to traditions lost in online school and pandemic safety precautions. Regardless of which team won or lost, everyone was glad to be back on the field for a riveting game of kickball.