Changes coming to Westside’s theater program and The Curious Mrs. Savage

Genevieve Bohus, Writer

The beginning of a new school year means the beginning of a new drama production at West Seattle High School. This year, the drama program is putting on the play The Curious Mrs. Savage by John Patrick. The story follows a widowed and rich woman named Ethel P. Savage whose children – to obtain her money – send their mother to a sanatorium. While there, Mrs. Savage finds ways to help others who are staying in the sanitorium. This story is heartwarming and will show that even in a world full of greed, there is still kindness. On top of this, West Seattle High School can enjoy this wonderful story at the price of ten dollars for pre-purchasing tickets!

The show will be performed on November 10th through November 12th, and November 16th through November 18th at 7:30 pm. Be sure to order tickets soon and secure yourself a seat by visiting More information about the play, tickets, and Westside’s drama program can be found on the website as well.

Changes have been made to the theater program this year. In an interview with Mr. Wiener, he explained some of these additions. The theater program now has official health and safety standards this year, with a document outlining specific details. This is aimed to help everyone in the drama program feel safe and comfortable with the roles they have been given. For example, this will ensure a person feels comfortable with scenes that may require contact or that may have an element of romance.

Also, understudies are being cast this year to help students who may be feeling overwhelmed or sick and need a break for a few days. Proposals for the plays will no longer be kept as secrets either, which is intended to encourage more student voice within the program.

Even with these changes, the theater program at West Seattle High School still has the goal to provide professional level training to students in the performing arts, and to produce the best quality of entertainment possible.