Should We Worry, Darling? 

A film review of Don’t Worry Darling and its surprising “star,” Harry Styles


Rowan Gunter, Writer

Florence Pugh. Nick Kroll. Chris Pine. Harry Styles? Everyone has been wondering how the famous singer will hold-up in a film starring major actors.  


The psychological thriller film directed by Styles’ girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, is making waves. There is a split perspective between the critics and the audience. I looked at the audience reviews and found that almost the same number of people gave it one star as they did five stars. Rotten Tomatoes has a score of 38%, which is considerably lower than what most fans were expecting based on the phenomenal trailer. 


I knew I would be watching this movie as soon as I heard of it. As a big Harry Styles fan, I was nervous that his performance would be mediocre when compared to the other actors. Walking into the theater, I interviewed some people in line to get their initial thoughts. One said, “I have high expectations, but also low expectations. The reviews were really bad, but I really want it to be good.” Another chimed in, saying, “Anything with Harry will be good.”  


The movie truly is a wild ride. The cinematography is stunning. And the film gives an eerie feeling that lingers for hours after, which I’m guessing is its intended purpose. As for Harry’s acting, I think he tried his best but nothing mind blowing. I was slightly confused by his accent, as I’m sure many fans were. “Is he supposed to be American or British?” I heard one member whisper during the viewing. Overall, I really liked the movie, and can’t wait until it comes out on a streaming service so I can watch it again and try to understand it better.  


After the viewing, I asked the same audience members what they thought. “Deserves better reviews,” one said. The other cracked a joke, stating, it was “a movie about the dangers of letting men have and listen to podcasts.” I personally feel the critics were too harsh and I advise anyone who likes a good mind-twister to give this a watch.