Right-Wing Prime Minister Elected in Italy


Luca Dogliani

Italy is loved in all worlds for its food, architecture, landscapes, and history. But the peninsula is not always beautiful.  

Italian people usually do not believe in the politics and government. Italian people love Italy, but they are not patriotic because they are not proud of institutions and their states.  

This summer, the government fell again. Since the birth of the republic, only two presidents of the council have served the five-year term stipulated by the Constitution. But this time the crisis was the worst one ever. Only 64% of voters went out to vote. It is a negative record.  

The election was won by the center-right alliance, Brothers of Italy, an extreme right-wing party. They do not recognize rights to LGBT. They are against immigration. And they are sexist and racist.  

They won because a lot of people did not go to vote. The opposition did not have a clear project. Their politics were focused only on voting against the right-wing.  

Another problem is that Brothers of Italy represent the ideas of old and close-minded people. Young people are not represented by anyone, so they do not go to vote, and the country remains very ancient. 

Other countries see Italy as a racist country, but most of the young people are not like this. On Monday, September 26th, high school students in Milan protested the victory of Brothers of Italy. 

In Italy, all innovations in politics are slow. Now the risk is the legislature and human rights taking a big step back in time. The victory of Brothers of Italy was possible because they have found a scapegoat for the political and economic crisis in Italy in immigration and LGBT people.