Tension on the Ten-Ten rule

Students are in confusion over the reinforcement of old SPS guidelines.

Isabelle Greenberg

The 2022-23 school year is in full swing, but two weeks into school and students are beginning to question school guidelines. One in particular is raising some eyebrows.

It is documented in the student handbook that students are not allowed to leave the classroom during the first and last ten minutes of class.

Junior Ceci Snyder said, “I get why they do it for the last ten, so people don’t leave early, but the first ten doesn’t make much sense to me.” It seems strange to keep young adults from the bathroom twenty minutes per period; however, there is some logic to it.

After a record-breaking 8 million students nationwide held enough absences to endanger their graduation in the 2021-22 school year, SPS has decided to heavily enforce the Ten-Ten rule, much to the student body’s annoyance. The guideline is intended to keep students safe and present for class.

“It’s a safety regulation, because teachers are also responsible for students when they aren’t in the classroom,” said administrator Nancy Carroll.

This year Carrol has seen an increase in attendance since the rule became widely enforced on September 14th.

Like it or not, the Ten-Ten rule seems to be here to stay and for good reason. “The hallway does not give credit, only classes can do that,” said Carrol.