New ‘Midnights’ album disappoints diehard fans

Isabelle Greenberg

The long-awaited ‘Midnights’ album by Taylor Swift had a lot to live up to upon its release last Friday.

Swift’s heavy teasing of the album had left fans on the edge of their seats for three months.

Students dispute the rating of Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Midnights.’ The album was highly publicized in the months leading up to its release last Friday when it reached 185 million streams on Spotify in 24 hours. Despite its overwhelming popularity, many believe the album is a repetition of Swift’s previous work.

Swift has adamantly teased the release of ‘Midnights’ since the VMAs in August, since then the album’s impending arrival blew up on Instagram.

Senior Ella Ridgeway said, “She promoted it well, but it was a big letdown.” Ridgeway has been a fan of Swift since she was eight. To her, the album is a gross repetition of Swift’s previous albums.

Junior Mason Nguyen disagrees, saying, “It’s a great transitional album back to Taylor’s original style.” Nguyen has listened to Swift as long as Ridgewood.

It seems the title of ‘diehard fan’ will not determine the individual ratings on ‘Midnights’ as it did for so many others.

In the past, Swift’s music was exclusively enjoyed by fans who had listened to her music since her album ‘Red’ in 2012. ‘Midnights’ is the first album that is not showing approval ratings in fans across the board.

“You have to listen to an album more than once to really get into it,” said Nguyen, who is currently on his third listen.

It seems WSHS may need a couple more listens before ‘Midnights’ fully takes its place next to Swift’s beloved collections.