Vaping is bad news

Waylon Evans

A work order is placed.

Dangerous chemicals are mixed, such as diacetyl, nickel, and lead, all of which can cause lung damage.

This may sound terrifying and harsh, like it’s some type of war gas or torture method—but it’s not. This is a day-to-day product called a vape pen.

Some people unfortunately use this every day. Most are addicted, under the impression vaping is a great way to kill time or cope with stress. However, this is not supposed to help—this is a product that profits off the user’s pain.

This is not an article about how you should never vape. This a warning for your health, specifically teen health.

This might sound like one of those cringy commercials—like “The Real Cost” ads—that just don’t work, don’t help, don’t stop people from vaping. But this isn’t. Let’s get some things straight: even though it’s illegal for you to vape at this age, it’s nowhere near your fault. You could be using nicotine due to stress, peer pressure, trauma—or it could be due to the misleading advertisements and theories that suggest that vaping is fun and safe. The most important thing to know is that the people who are selling this to you don’t care about you; they only about what’s in your wallet: money.

Now, here’s a list of scary facts about vaping:

  1. It can increase anxiety, jitteriness, and stress.
  2. It can cause depression and disrupt sleep.
  3. Some brands have marijuana, which can slow down timing, movement, and athletic performance.
  4. One thing to keep in mind: these companies create vapes with fruity or minty tastes to purposely target youth.

It’s dangerous stuff.


Washington State Tobacco Quitline. All Washington residents can call the Quitline and speak with a professional quit coach. Translation services available. Visit for more information. English: 1-800-QUIT-NOW or 1-800-784-8669