Elon’s new Neuralink: will it change the future or control it?

Connor Spry

Elon musk is developing a new chip that when inserted into the brain will apparently solve schizophrenia and autism and give people the power to control household utilities with their brain. You know how you can turn off your light with your phone? This chip will empower you with the ability to turn it off with your mind. The Neuralink was founded in 2016. The chip is about the size of a penny and would be implanted in the back of the patient’s head. The chip cords, which are the size of hair strands, connect to the brain to monitor and report brain activity back to computers where people can study the results.

The chip will be available by the end of 2022 and will most likely cost a few thousand dollars. Cybernetic enhancements have been a controversial topic for years especially since the release of The Matrix in 1999, “I think being able to listen to music inside your head is a cool idea, however I don’t think it will be for the common person because the technology will be expensive and with any advancement of this magnitude there will be unforeseen consequences.”

Regardless of the possible negative side effects, you can be sure there will be people lining up outside the stores waiting to buy the new Neuralink, but how far will they take it? Where will mankind’s insatiable desire to improve end? “I think it will overall harm mankind, we’ve already seen negative effects of technology on our generation, they fuel depression and anxiety, and take us away from our lives. AI will derail us from what life truly is,” said senior Ellie G. The biggest question is how will our decisions affect our future generations? Will the results be beneficial to mankind, or will we not be able to stop until the whole world is controlled by a computer?