Tha Supreme’s new album lives up to the hype

Luca Dogliani

Davide Mattei, known by his stage name “tha Supreme,” is one of the strangest rappers in Italy. On September 30th, 2022, he released his second album “c@ra++ere s?ec!@le”, translated like “Carattere Speciale”.

After his first album, in 2019, he became one of the most popular artists in Italy. After that, people waited for his second album with a lot of curiosity and excitement.  Before releasing his second album, he created a lot of hype in Italy with strange ads around the biggest cities. For example, he created an ad in purple, his favorite color, with nothing but a nonsense word: “%?#*@&)).”

His music is a mix between rap, trap and alternative hip hop. He is primarily known for his unique voice, which sounds electric and instrumental because he uses an autotune.

The genre of this new album remains the same as his old work; however, he tried to give his lyrics more meaning. His goal with the record was to help people feel less lonely.

The album has twenty-two songs, which is strange for an Italian rap album. Rap albums in Italy usually have less than ten songs.

The risk of this album was coming off boring and repetitive—keeping people entertained for 23 songs can be tough. However, the album is a success. Tha Supreme chose perfect featured artists to join him in the songs and wrote deep, meaningful lyrics.

Tha Sup has confirmed himself as one of the most talented Italian rappers