The West Seattle Specter

A WSHS Paranormal Encounter


Connor Spry

*The following story never happened…But I might just be saying that because Mr. Glover is telling me to…If you encounter the specter, at least I warned you.


A week before Halloween, West Seattle’s own Natalie Wiebe had an encounter with a paranormal beast who has been stalking the school. Those who have encountered it call it The West Seattle Specter.

Natalie arrived at school early at 8:05 one morning. She went into the bathroom to run her hands under warm water. “As soon as I walked in something felt off. I felt another presence in the bathroom, shivers went down my spine,” said Natalie.

She looked around and didn’t see anyone else in the bathroom, so she ignored it. She turned on the sink. Instead of clear water, a dark sludgy liquid streamed out of the tap. Natalie looked into the mirror and saw a dark creature lurking behind her—she whipped around only to see the bathroom empty. She was about to ignore it, thinking her mind was playing tricks on here, but then the stall doors flew open! At this point she was positive her mind wasn’t playing tricks.

She grabbed her bag and started to run towards the exit, but the door slammed shut. “I felt a cold, firm hand wrap around my neck.” But she wasn’t going to give up, so she jumped back to try and fight her attacker, but when she lunged towards the beast, The Specter disappeared into thin air, leaving her to hit her head on the ground and slowly grow unconscious. When she woke up, she was back to standing at the sink. She checked her phone to see that no time had passed at all since she first came in the bathroom.
Her phone read 8:05.

It was like none of it ever happened…

This is not the first time someone at our school has encountered The Specter. In fact, sightings of the West Seattle Specter have dated back to the founding of the school in 1917. There have been many theories about the origins of The Specter, but the most well known is the story of an old substitute teacher who was very against kids skipping class to go to the bathroom.

The story goes that one Friday before winter break, in between periods, he hid in the ceiling boards in hopes of catching students skipping. Only when he got up there, he realized that he had no way of getting back down and needed help. He banged and screamed but no one was there to hear him. Eventually, the end of the day came, and he was still trapped in the school with no food or water. He starved to death but not before vowing to seek revenge on any student that entered his bathroom.

Since the bathroom that’s haunted was the girl’s bathroom, I couldn’t go in and investigate, so I had an outside source go in and report back to me. My source reported that as soon as she walked in, she felt like something was off. She didn’t want to be there anymore, but she didn’t want to leave without seeing anything, so she waited a few minutes and sure enough something happened as soon as class began. She turned on the sink and the same black gooey liquid came out.

Before anything else could happen, she got out of there.