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May 8, 2024
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The Homecoming Theme Change and What it May Entail


Your prayers have finally been answered by ASB, as the homecoming theme has been changed. After many concerns and negative comments on the theme of “Party in the USA,” ASB decided to change the theme to Haunted HOCO. The reason they changed the theme was pressure from students and members of ASB that the former theme was not good enough. Kids from West Seattle High School have effectively bullied ASB into changing the theme even though they stated it was too late. To get more information, I interviewed a member of ASB. When asked about their opinion on the old theme, they responded, “I thought it was all right. Easy (An ASB member) was passionate about it. I got why it was fun, but I also understood like why it’s kind of risky but yeah I thought it was like eh.” I then asked him why they decided to change the theme so last minute. “We changed it cause we expected some negative response, but the response got too bad to a point where we actually had to stop and we decided like we could think of better themes we liked more.” Fortunately, they have been able to think of a much better theme in time for the dance on October 21st. 


I think that this response from the ASB will change the dynamic between them and the student body and might lead to students getting more input on ASB decisions such as voting on future themes for dances. With this sudden change in the dynamic between the ASB and student I hope that new polices might be added. One potential policy could be students gaining the ability to impeach ASB members if students feel that they are not holding up the best interests of West Seattle High School.  

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