Seniors' Last Day!
Congratulations, Seniors!
Baby Sitting for the Very First Time
Madeleine Jacobsen March 11, 2024
Tesla Model 3 Performance Review
Alex Kerper, Student Writer • January 16, 2024
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Discrimination Immigrants face in the workspace
Bianca Lua Garcia Marques March 12, 2024
Taken in down town Seattle
Graffiti and Seattle
Magnus Payne January 17, 2024
If you like fish and grits.
If you like fish and grits.
Adam Triol, Student Writer • January 12, 2024
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School Sports and Keeping a Balanced Schedule
Keyton Horgan October 27, 2023
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Declining Attention Span in Teenagers
Lily Egan February 8, 2024

I dare you to read this entire article. Hard? Is it because this is boring? Or is it because you have a low attention span?  So, what are...

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