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How to not Break your Phone

Graphic by Ginger Goldman

Breaking your phone is bad and cracking your screen can be a damper on an otherwise great day.

Things you can do to prevent your phone from damage:

1. Get a phone case:

This is a pretty obvious solution. If you’re just carrying around your bare phone, that’s most likely a bad idea. You don’t want to scrape, scratch, dent, or crack the back glass or sides of your phone.

2. Get a screen protector:

This is once again one of the pretty obvious solutions, but if you don’t have one, get one!

I recently got a different phone, and I didn’t get a screen protector right away. I drop my phone pretty often, and though I never cracked the front of my screen, I got lots of scratches on the sides. I already had a case, but the sides can still get scratched if there is no screen protector.

You can replace your screen protector as often as needed.

3. Don’t throw your phone into a purse or pocket with metal/pointy things:

Just like throwing your unprotected sunglasses into your purse or pocket, your phone can get scratched from things like keys and zippers.

I suggest finding a way to keep your phone separate from metal objects and other pointy things in your pockets or bags. This might be putting these items in a separate section of a bag.

4. Don’t shower with your phone in the room:

Steam can cause water damage by getting inside the speakers and ports of your phone.

Personally, my speakers don’t work that well anymore because they have rust on them. If you already have water damage, downloading a water ejection app can help get water out of your phone by vibrating it. This vibrates the water out while playing a loud, sometimes ringing noise. The noise helps you tell if the speakers are getting clearer.

While doing this, it could be helpful to set your phone on a sloped surface or prop it up on something. Creating a diagonal slope can give the water somewhere to go when it is vibrated free from your phone.

5. Don’t go on janky websites:

Random free game sites and clicking on ads can give your phone a virus. Viruses can make your phone stop working or go a lot slower.

Bonus – That Time I Accidentally Threw My Phone Out of a Car Door:

In 7th Grade, I was holding my phone and wallet in the same hand. I got a cookie crumb on my finger (the hand that was holding my phone and wallet) and attempted to flick it off. The car door was open because we were picking someone up from school.

As a girl who has been oppressed by the lack of good pockets in women’s clothing, I (normally) consider myself a pro with the claw-hand when carrying 2-3+ things (if ya know ya know). As it turns out, I’m not all that, and I threw my phone and wallet out of a car door and onto a curb.

That day, I cracked my screen and my dignity.

In conclusion, be smarter than me and don’t do that.



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