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May 24, 2024
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3D Country – Album Review

3D Country - Album Review

As the year comes to a close, it is the perfect time to look back to highlights of the year. 3D Country by Geese was a standout, as one of the most bizarre, outrageous and ridiculously fun albums of the year.

3D Country is at heart an alternative/indie rock album, but it also dabbles in alt-country and psychedelic rock as well. I was surprised with how much variety this album had, transitioning from overwhelmingly high-energy songs like “2122”, windy jams like “Undoer” and comfortably steady songs like “3D Country”. It’s a mixed bag of many different sounds that surprised me during my first listen. It doesn’t take itself seriously, and that’s what I love the most about it. Singer Cameron Winter carries this theme perfectly with his wavy, unique voice with an over-the-top delivery. Winter’s incredibly original and infectiously fun vocals are reason enough for why this album is so refreshing to listen to.

3D Country’s variation is shown early on with the transition from songs “2122” to the title track, “3D Country”. The lightning-fast opener isn’t afraid to jump right into the action, highlighting Winter’s voice and erratic instrumentals immediately. It is a spastic but definitive song that not only showcases the band’s creativity but draws the listener in to their weird world. Although I was expecting similar energy throughout the album, the title track is still one of my favorites on the record. As a breezy alt-country song following one of the wackiest songs on the album, it is definitely a change in mood. “3D Country” is effortlessly catchy and easy to listen to with notably strange but flowing lyrics. This song plays even more of Geese’s strengths. The third song is the leading single on the album, “Cowboy Nudes”. It is hands down one of the catchiest on the album with a similar sing-along chorus to the title track. This is a major highlight of the record that I feel great listening to each time. The progressive amount of energy in each chorus of “Be my warrior!” hits me every time. I also love the bridge of this song with funky instrumentals and ridiculous delivery of lyrics, “New York City! Underwater!”. It’s a short song with the punch that an awesome single needs.

The rest of this album has just as odd a structure and variety as the first three songs. It oscillates between very different moods. “I See Myself”, “Gravity Blues” and “Tomorrow’s Crusades” are similar to “3D Country” in pacing and follow linear but satisfying song patterns. They are breezy and chill, but I enjoy all of them. “Undoer” is the early centerpiece of the album, backed with explosive riffs, extended jams and Winter’s bizarre vocals. Towards the end of the song, it combines all those pieces into a monstrous and muddled mix of total Geese glory that exemplify just how untamed they can be. “Mysterious Love” is another song of pure insanity that rivals “2122” as the most energetic and wild. It is probably one of my favorites on the album, with incredible vocals and guitar jams. “Domoto” is a song that seems to have a lot of genuine emotion behind it, like “I See Myself”. Winter’s subdued performance goes well with the tender nature of the song. “St. Elmo”, the final song, is a wobbly track that stumbles across the finish line in a messy but fulfilling way. Although it doesn’t end in a larger than life way that “2122” did, I once again admire the variety and many different feats that Geese sought to accomplish.

I would recommend this album to anyone that wants to try something new. 3D Country is a lot of fresh fun that I’ve come back to a lot since its release. It may not be the most refined of the year, but the chaotic instrumentals, vocals and variety are a strength in many ways. As a new band of college grads on their sophomore album, I am excited to see what they will come up with next. They have made something wholly original that deserves support and recognition. Go check it out!

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