What is Book Banning?
What is "Book Banning"?
November 28, 2023
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    Earth Club has Taken West Seattle by Storm

    Earth Club has Taken West Seattle by Storm

    Earth Club is excited for another exciting year at West Seattle. We have multiple restoration events on the calendar, along with several field trips and fun club meetings. If you’re not sold on the fun, Earth Club has many other benefits. Members receive service hours for meetings and other activities, and most of our members have gotten all 60 from the club. It also looks great on college applications. There are many leadership opportunities within the club. For example, we are looking for students to lead restoration events, fundraisers, and the fight to get compost in the bathrooms. 


    I talked with new member Noah Ott about his experience with Earth Club so far. Noah was quick to comment on his positivity about the club saying, “It’s awesome. Everyone is super welcoming and super fun. There are some pretty awesome snacks as well” he said enthusiastically. Noah is a potential candidate for the freshmen class representative position and hopes to continue with Earth Club during all four years of high school. 


    Noah is just one example of Earth Club’s positivity in the school community. During over a decade at West Seattle, Earth Club has pushed forward climate issues in our school and has become the largest club in the school. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need more help to fight for our climate. If you would like to join us, we meet every Wednesday after school in Ms. Murdock’s room (262) so feel free to stop by. And joining the club is super easy, just come to a meeting and talk to one of the leadership members. We focus on having fun with our activism, and meetings include snacks, social activities, and are always a blast. 

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