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May 24, 2024
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May 8, 2024
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May 7, 2024
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The Treacherous Story of the Rip

I’ve decided to write my profile on a close friend named Julia Herron. While she has had to overcome many challenges, the one I am focusing on is her hardest yet: stitching my pants back to their prime. Now while this may sound like a silly challenge to overcome, don’t judge a book by its cover. This challenge has been extremely hard for her, and none of you will understand her complex feeling about this or other situations…

First, let’s discuss how this problem came to be. I was at the vending machine getting ready to take my change out of my pocket to pay for Doritos Flames and suddenly someone came behind me. Nathalie, my #1 opp, came to take my coins to get her juicy burst. I tried to fight her but to no avail.

After this humongous fight I left chip-less, and dignity-less. While on the walk back to journalism class I looked down and saw a hole. A humongous hole in my $100 Abercrombie and Fitch jeans. Panic struck my face and I quickly shuffled back to journalism class to cover the rip in his pants. When I got back to class, I sat at my table and said, “Does anyone know how to sew?” and pointed at the hole in my pants. Suddenly, a bright light in the corner of my eye said, “I can.” It was Julia.

Now that we understand the story let’s go back to the present. I interviewed Julia about her experience sewing my pants back to their prime. When asked, “Was it challenging sewing Christiano’s pants back to their original state?”, Julia responded with, “I would say yes it was an extremely big rip in between the seams which made it even harder than it already was.” This sewing took about 35 minutes of class to finish. When Julia was asked, “Was it scary going into this battle of sewing Christiano’s pants?”, she responded with “I wouldn’t say it was scary, but I do believe it was intense. A main challenge I faced was when a knot was made in the thread, and I had to undo it which made this process even longer. Sewing takes patience and patience is a skill I wish I had.” Julia has gone through hell for me and this shows what a great friend she is. A true friend is always there for them no matter what. I personally admire how reliable and trustworthy she is. When Julia was asked, “Were you able to stitch Christiano’s pants back to its original state?”, Julia responded with, “I stitched them so that they were wearable again but also the stitches I made were visible so it’s kid of obvious that a hole was there.”

Now, you would think everything is over, the pants are stitched, and I am happy, but no. A week later, a tragedy occurred.

Another hole in my pants was made, and at the worst time as well: Homecoming. The hole was straight on my crotch, and 30 minutes before homecoming I was panicking, not knowing what to do. Suddenly the same light that was there for me when I got the first hole in my pants appeared. Julia saw the hole and asked, “Do you want me to stitch it?” I said yes. Grateful she was there, I gave her the pants and sat in the gender-neutral bathrooms while she  stitched them up outside the door. “They’re done” Julia said, and handed me the pants from the bathroom door. “Julia you’re a life saver thank you so much.”

Julia has overcome the challenge of dealing with me and I will forever be appreciative for what she has done for me. Her reliability and kindness show how loyal and great of friend she is.

I am truthy appreciative her. Love you Julia.

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