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May 24, 2024
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May 8, 2024
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May 7, 2024
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Social Media Influencing

Should It Be Considered a Real Job?

Many people have very mixed opinions on social media. They either believe it spreads misinformation and rots people’s brains or it is a form of communication and a way of connecting with those around us. Then there are people in the middle of the spectrum. Often, these people notice social media’s negative attributes, but also understand that it can have many positive effects. However, a part of social media that many people can come to terms on is the negative attitude influencers face.

Influencers are internet users, often in their late teens or twenties, that create content and post it on social media for their large number of followers to see. They then get profit based on the number of interactions with the post and the amount of followers they have. Being an influencer is often considered as lazy and un-thoughtful. In an interview with West Seattle High School student, Emma Calvo, she states that she would never become an influencer because she does not consider it as a real job. While the income of money that many influencers make could be compared to a very successful corporate job or high-level athlete, the requirements of the job do not come close. Influencers often work on their own schedule, making content whenever they like and going to brand hosted events. At these events they are almost always pampered with free goods, and in return, promising to make a video with one of their products. This is the leading factor of why many other jobs do not consider being a social media influencer as a real profession.  

Influencers jobs are constantly at risk. They all depend on the amount of views and likes they get on certain videos to understand how much revenue they will be getting. Annaliese Heinrichs, another student from West Seattle High School, states that she would never become an influencer because she is rarely on social media. Influencers thrive off impressions on other people, and a lot of the time those impressions target teenagers. Teenagers have a reputation of being quite judgmental, especially on the internet. They find it comforting to be able to hide behind a screen and constantly hate on others, which sparks another big discussion among influencers; influencers believe that they aren’t cut out for the intense hate and critics on social media. This is just another reason to why social media influencing is an extremely different form of work. 

Whether you are an influencer critic or you aspire to be one, just keep in mind that there is a path for everyone and hating in person or online will not solve anything. To each their own! 

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