West Seattle’s Senior Awards Night Sees Department Awards Handed Out, Valedictorians Named


Last Saturday, West Seattle High School honored the departing senior class with a memorable  2 hour event dedicated to recognizing their hard work and achievements. As the Class of 2023 prepares to make their exit, with graduation scheduled for June 27, several students gave our team their thoughts on the night.

Elliott Shea was recognized as the math department’s honoree. Shea, currently taking AP Stats, is also President of the WSHS Math Club. Shea thanked the math department for their award, singling out Mr. Long, who hosted Math Club and who he worked for as a TA this past year. He credited the talents of the WSHS math department for reigniting his passion for the subject after the struggles of online school, saying, “I would like to give them my thanks, not only for giving me this award, but for teaching me math for all these years.” Shea plans to study mathematics at Texas A&M next fall.

Cece Pyfer, who was one of the class’ two valedictorians alongside Sophia Butler, told us, “I’m so honored to be co-valedictorian with Sophia and I am looking forward to making the most of our last few weeks at school with you all. We’ve been through a lot as a class and I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished together.” She was also honored as the science department’s honoree last night; Pyfer plans to attend Western Washington University next year, with a focus on marine biology.

Butler told the Olympian, “I’m very grateful for all of my classmates and teachers, who’ve challenged and supported me in so many ways. Thank you for everything!” She added, “I’m so excited to share this honor with Cece – I wouldn’t be here without her help in calculus!”. She plans to attend the University of Washington next year in the interdisciplinary honors college.

Siena Wyatt Draher was named as the Art department’s honoree as well as one of the class’ two Salutatorians. Draher told us, “I was very touched by Ms. Sloan’s decision to give me the art department’s award, and to be made Salutatorian. It means a lot to make this place proud. I think this is a fantastic school full of wonderful people and I’m thankful my achievements and time here will be remembered.” Draher plans to attend NYU next fall to study Dramatic Writing at TISCH School of the Arts.

We’ve included the full list of individual honorees below. Congratulations to all, and good luck in your last month of high school!


Willard Shield Award (Most Memorable Senior): Lauren Ellingson


World Language Department Award: Isaac Wortzel


Language Arts Department Award: Bayley Walker


General Studies Department Award: Jasmine Bachmier-Emswiler


Mathematics Department Award: Elliott Shea


Family & Consumer Sciences Department Award: Ashleigh Ingraham


Business & Career Connect Department Award: Natnael Grimes


Vocational Department Award: Kritsana Tolzman Nathan


Fine Arts Department Award: Siena Wyatt Draher


Music Department Award: Owen Murray


Multilingual Department Award: Sami Garcia


Science Department Award: Cece Pyfer


Social Studies Department Award: Sophia Pho-Tung


Physical Education Department Award: Ryan Connolly & Cooper Hubbard


Drama Department Award: Sophia Waldow


Coghill Community Service Award: Sofia Weber


Future Teacher Award: Sofia Lopez


Salutatorians: Siena Wyatt Draher & Zachary Hanczyc


Valedictorians: Sophia Butler & Cece Pyfer