Chelan, a great place to vacation

Connor Spry

Chelan is a beautiful town in Eastern Washington where the weather is hot and the water is refreshing. The 52 square mile lake that resides right next to the small town makes it the perfect place for tubing, swimming, cliff jumping, and anything you can do with water. One of the things Chelan is most known for is the sunny weather. Its arid climate and lack of rainfall make it a popular vacation spot in Washington.

The valley experiences 300 days (about 10 months) of sunshine annually. Despite the dry climate, agriculture thrives thanks to irrigation from the lake. The lake allows many diverse types of fruit to grow. Chelan is most known for their apples with delicious taste, long shelf life, and beautiful color.

Apples are not the only fruit they are known for. Chelan has 30+ wineries and over 200 acres of wine grapes. While their grapes and apples are most notable, the farmers also grow cherries, pears, apricots, and peaches.

The climate in Chelan is perfect for getting away from the rain. However, summer temperatures can reach up to 111⁰F, making it hard to do anything but be in the lake. Also, the very dry weather leaves Chelan vulnerable to fires. With the beautiful town becoming more popular and more people moving to Chelan, local property prices have risen.

While there are cons to Chelan, it is still rightfully acknowledged as one of the best places in Washington to vacation. Whether you are looking to enjoy the beautiful lake, the captivating wildlife, or the diverse town culture of Chelan, this town is the perfect place to enjoy life.