WSHS Band: A Must-See Performance

Owen Murray, Writer

One of the hallmarks of high school football is the band. Any chance they get to show off their passion and excitement is often shown through an impressive display of musicianship and athleticism. On Homecoming night, weeks of preparation came to a head as West Seattle High School’s marching band performed their yearly field show at the football game. Featuring baton spinning by drum majors Henry and Patrick Wood, the band performed Fall Out Boy’s Immortals, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, and the school’s fight song.  

Marching bands around the United States often perform at halftime of college football games as a tradition. It is a special part of the experience for many, and for bands like Ohio State University’s, the complexity can go to an entirely different level. Their performances of themed shows such as Top Gun and Shrek often make the rounds on social media, impressing both musicians and non-musicians alike.  

On the high school level, directors want to bring that opportunity to students. Director Ethan Thomas remarked, “[Field shows] bring that collegiate atmosphere and experience to high school students. They also teach discipline, bring pride and musicianship to the band.” 

The student section was enthralled by the short baton performances by the Wood brothers. Junior Isabelle Greenberg only recalls screaming her head off in excitement. One of the performers, senior Patrick Wood, recalls his nerves before the show being dissipated by “the joy of performing.” He and his brother Henry both trained for months in preparation to perform for the crowd, and Patrick remarked that it was all worth it. 

Next, the band and jazz ensembles will prepare for their winter concerts, which they will perform in December at school. Additionally, the band celebrated Senior Night on Friday, October 14th, recognizing the graduating class of 2023.